Clean up Echo Beach in Canggu, Bali

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I spend so much time here on Echo Beach in Canggu, Bali. This is where I relax, play, and connect with others. I left the corporate world and pursued a life of freedom so that I could enjoy the world.

…but here’s the thing- I’m sooooo sick and tired of hearing ME complain to myself. Here’s what I’ve been saying: 

  • Why doesn’t the local resorts pick up the garbage?
  • Why doesn’t the Balinese or Indonesian government step in and do something about the garbage problem?
  • Why doesn’t A non-profit organization do something about the trash?
  • Why don’t the local warungs (bar/restaurant) owners do something about the trash? 
  • Why do people just throw garbage on the ground?
  • Why do people burn their trash?
  • Why do people throw their trash in the rivers that washes out into the Surf after each rain?
  • Why, why, why and who’s going to do it…and when???

…are the questions I Kept asking myself.

Who Will Take Action?

The answer always comes back the same. It’s the person I’m looking at in the Mirror each day is the One who will take action.

Today I will complain no more. If I want something done, I will do it myself first. If my actions are of a worthy cause, others will join in and help.

I’m drawing a line in the sand today…period! 1 Whiskas bag, 1 human and 1 hour later…. the entire Echo Beach is clean for today.

This is just the start; garbage cans and recycling bins are coming up next. I’m looking forward to creating this with Made Sukarta from O’Three Beach Bar & DJ, Teejay Man. 

Make a difference today.

Live Unstoppable!

-Brian Swan

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