Celebrating our birthdays in Cusco, Peru

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Ritual in the Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru

Brian and I both have birthdays within 4 days of each other and we celebrated them here in Cusco, Peru last week. Every year we are in a different country celebrating in a different way. Last year it was in Fiji at the Hideaway Resort when they surprised us with a fire sign on the beach! What a contrast this year!

Brian celebrated his birthday at Tipon Water Temple with a cleansing ritual in the Sacred Valley conducted by 3 Shamans. Don Ramon, a shaman that walked a full day through the mountains to be with us, blessed us all with water flowing from the Andes mountains and Apu Ausangate.

Unstoppable Family with Don Ramon shaman in Sacred Valley

I celebrated my Birthday at the “Circus” after our Mascarade Party which marked the closing of our company’s Destiny Event!  The restaurant is decorated like a Circus and Hanalei loves it, as you can see from the photo below!

Hanalei and a Circus Clown

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