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Brian was interviewed in Cusco, Peru, a few months ago for Blogcast FM. Srinivas Rao chatted with him about Building an Online Business While Traveling the World with a Family. Blogcast FM interview people in blogging business and marketing to help people create better blogs.

The interview covers:

  • How losing everything can be the best thing ever
  • Why anybody can travel-even with kids
  • The importance of a catchy brand name
  • The reason you must experiment with new ideas

To listen to the interview click here

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  • Jono Woods

    Great Interview Brian! I really felt like I connected with you man. We lost two homes in the US with the financial crisis and have been traveling around the world because of poor credit and lack of solid jobs back in the States. I also appreciated what you said about your father and how he inspired you to travel. I also lost my father two years ago to some unfortunate circumstances and his life is one of the reasons I am seeing the world and looking for the best life. Thanks for your support.

    • Brian Swan

      Hola Jon,
      Thank you much for the kind words. I could feel the connection when we 1st spoke to you from Brasil over to you in Sydney, Australia. We all have challenges to overcome…it’s how we act when we face these challenges that counts. I am sorry to hear about your father…..though everything happens for a reason.
      Glad to have you part of our Journey!
      Brian Swan

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