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For any of you that have never been to the North Shore of Oahu let me fill you in.

The North Shore of Oahu is COUNTRY…in fact you will see more pick up trucks and cars with a green bumper sticker that reads: “Keep the Country, Country” than you will see “baby on board” stickers on the mainland.

This is a true community of people, most being native Hawaiian’s or “Haole’s” that have made the North Shore their home and their place of business, most being old Ice Cream trucks transformed into a mobile restaurant.
In one afternoon drive on the North Shore, there are more roadside “Shrimp Trucks” than you could possibly imagine. In fact the roadside mobile restaurants are pretty much the only options on the North Shore, with exception of Haleiwa Town.

And this fine afternoon, Brian and I embarked on what is now deemed our “Favorite Thai Mobile Restaurant”. The owner Nui will make some of the best Chicken Pad Thai in Wailua. I recommend anyone that his heading to Oahu drive up to the North Shore and have some of Nui’s famous Thai. and tell her the Unstoppable Family sent you!

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