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Kelly Slater threading the needle at Silverbacks on Jan 4th, 2015

Kelly Slater threading the needle at Silverbacks on Jan 4th, 2015

We have been traveling the world for years, which makes for a rockin’ life. Sometimes, though, we have to do the boring stuff that just has to get taken care of. I’m talking about medical insurance for world travelers.

Yeah, I know…boring, but necessary. With Brian being a surfer, and surfing crazy waves like the one  Kelly Slater was surfing her on our little island in Panama, we have to think about these things.  Besides, making sure all your bases are covered when it comes to healthcare is pretty important.

World Nomads Insurance is Best for Overall Emergencies

There are several insurance companies out there that would be a good choice for your family. Depending on your particular concerns, you will want to chose one company over another. We use World Nomads because we need good emergency insurance. Want to take one guess why? 

Not every insurance company out there wants to know that their insurees are involved in extreme sports or risky adventures. World Nomads are perfect for people that are a part of these types of activities.

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We Don’t Always Use the Insurance

scarsYou might be surprised to know that often times we find that the medical costs are so low in other countries that using the insurance is not worth it. Here are a few things that we have had to cover over the last few years and our out of pocket cost without using the insurance.

When we were in Bali, Brian had stitches on his face from a motorcycle accident.  He had to stay in the hospital two nights and had a plastic surgery. Total cost for that accident was $1,200. Pretty inexpensive wouldn’t you say?  He was taken care of by a plastic surgeon and stayed in the hospital over night. 


In Fiji, Brian had another set of stitches on his face from surfing.  ( why is it always on his face) They didn’t even ask him to pay them anything. He gave them the $34 in his pocket and called it a day. Can you imagine that in America?

IMG_1799Brian has had to have double hernia surgery while we’ve been here in Panama. We put out $2,200 for the surgery, medications and four nights in a hotel. In America, you wouldn’t have gotten away with that surgery for that little, much less add in extras. 

Good think for our online business and our choice to be Freedom-Preneurs.  Even in the hospital we can still work.

Of course, Brian isn’t the only one that has been in need of medical services. We take Hanalei to the doctor sometimes. When we were in Mexico, it only cost us $20 for her appointment with the pediatrician.  That is lower than most people’s co-pays for a visit.  She was also taken to the hospital in Peru from altitude sickness stayed for 2 nights in the hospital and the cost was $400 out the door. 

Dental cleanings in Panama is about $50. That is much less than buying insurance. It costs only $20dentist for a filling. A filling in Puerto Escondito Mexico tops out at $25 or so.

I’m not suggesting you skip out on insurance for sure. What I am telling you is that you can afford world traveler insurance and whatever medical costs you might incur out on the road.

Other World Traveler Insurance Companies We Recommend

I can’t personally speak about other insurance companies, but you can check out a few others. You can take a look into Travel Health Insurance. This company is in more than 180 countries. That is a pretty wide range of countries.

Longstay travel insurance is another company you can check out. They specialize in long term trips for traveling.

Sometimes, you will find an insurance company that is for specific types of activities such as Ski & Snowboard Travel Insurance. They are great for skiers and snowboarders.

When you are out on the road, you can have affordable insurance and healthcare. We are thankful for the great medical care we have received while out of our home country.

I hope this helped you gain more knowledge on how you choose Medical Insurance while Traveling.  Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

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