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Are you a rebel?  A non conformist? Or someone that blazes your own trail?
If you are then you are in the right place.
Recently we read the book “The Art of Non Conformity”, by Chris Guillebeau.
Word after word, phrase after phrase I felt like he was talking right to us. Almost 8 years ago we made the big shift towards living a life of Non Conformity and sharing with others the methods of how to make their dreams a reality.
If you have been following us on our blog or Facebook Fan Page you are probably getting an idea of what we are all about, but if you are new to our posts then I invite you to check out this video to learn more about us.
In this video I encourage you to do a temperature check on how you are living your life. Think about how you can start breaking the mould and living the life of your dreams. Think about stepping out of the box of mediocrity and start giving back!
The world can be a better place if we all start living our dreams and being an example to the world around us.
Please enjoy this video I shot the other day in Sedona Arizona and tell me what you think.  Join us on this crusade of changing the world 1 person at a time by living and giving. Visit our website, for more information about our project!
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  • Joan Nielsen

    Awesome I love being a rebel. It wasn’t easy to break from the mold but it was so worth it.

  • Susan Duplan

    Great video! I like Hanalie’s rebel expression!
    I have made two totally reset times in my life. Each time people couldn’t fathom why. Each time I came out more me and it inspired other people. The one I am most known for is leaving the city and living in the Canadian bush off the grid in a little cabin around bears and rattlesnakes for 6 and a half years. Out of that I wrote a wee book, became stronger in my self and my art.

    • rhonda Swan

      Inspiration can bring us to do great things!! Keep at it girl.

  • Rhonda

    Temperature check: I’m ready for a change like this!

  • Frank

    THANKS SO MUCH FOR SHARING! Truly inspiring.

  • kazspence

    Fantastic Rhonda, Brian and Hanalei – you guys inspire me with every video, post and blog. You are a true blessing to everyone who comes in contact with you in some way. Will you be releasing a facility whereby I/others could donate monthly + one off donations from time to time to the giveunstoppable foundation?

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