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Do all good things have to come to an end?

Well…..not exactly!

Yes, we just wrapped up our Bali Unstoppable-Mastermind
last night with an amazing dinner on the beach
with 69 of our closest Tribe members / friends 🙂

What went down at the Black Party send away gala…

  • 4 piece Balinese percussionists (aka amazing bongo players)
  • Firework display…it ruled!
  • Floating lanterns lighting ceremony…
  • 2 Birthday celebrations – with the most black and blue butts I’ve ever seen
    • yeah, we did some serious birthday butt slapping
    • do you want to see the pics?

Yesterday, we wrapped up Day #2 of our

Bali Unstoppable-Mastermind…and here’s

a few of the bullet points from the first 2 days


  • $816,471.53 of revenue on YouTube (see details below)
  • Unstoppable Kids program is launched….
  • Facebook marketing guru shares his PPC secrets

Jon Penberthy (23 year old whiz kid) taught for 3 hours his…


“Wierd YouTube Strategy that built his List
of 91, 583 Leads resulting in $816,471.53 in Revenue!”


While Jon was teaching his mad YouTube
strategies to 69 Freedom-preneurs…


Unstoppable Kids was launched….
here’s a fun video giving an inside peek.


As for Facebook marketing guru….
do you remember the email I sent a few weeks back…


Subject:  7+ figures on Facebook


Yes, Jubril Agoro aka “Mr. Think Outside the Box”
shared his Facebook PPC marketing strategies
for over 4 hours.


All for now…..Watch this quick Video I put together
yesterday sharing the first 2 days.

Cheers from Bali…

Rhonda & Brian Swan

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