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attraction marketing the Unstoppable way eBookWhat is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing is about engaging and inspiring your customer to want to do business with you because of what you represent and who you are.   The concept behind this is simple: Before “pitching” your product or service, you must brand and promote… YOU.  People buy from people.

When done properly, your prospects will approach you willingly without having to “sell” to them.  No pressure… no stress… instead, the process flows naturally.  You may be aware of “Attraction Marketing” being used by many successful online marketers… however, let it be known that this concept is not used only by the MLM or direct sales industry.

It’s an incredibly powerful method utilized by all industry’s.  Just look at what BIG BRANDS are doing now to advertise…They are telling a story.  

When you share with people your beliefs, values and who you are… what you do… how you’ve built & continued to maintain your lifestyle… and help those who want the same, do the same, they will start asking you questions…which in return leads to sales for your business without having to “sell” them.

I know I don’t like to be “sold”, but I do like to buy when I am connected and attracted to the person or product. When I need a solution to a problem, I turn to people I trust for advice and recommendations.   This is because it’s easier and more comfortable to relate with people we know, like &  trust… people who we feel are looking out for us… who share the same values and goals as our own.

Therefore, the key to Attraction Marketing is to build a positive and trusting connection with your IDEAL clients.   But how you ask?

While the majority of marketers are busy trying to make a sale, YOU stand out by removing the dollar $ign from your prospect’s forehead and focusing on their needs and serving them.  By being the “go-to” person and directing people to helpful solutions, you establish yourself as the trusted expert in your field and become more attractive to the very people you want to draw in.

Finally… Reduce or even STOP talking about yourself, your business, your qualifications, etc., because this is not about you… it’s about THEM.   Make your prospects a priority and you will increase YOUR value by leading with value.  Focus on attracting the right people who need your solutions, and you will have pre-qualified prospects approaching you and asking what it is you do!

I hope this assisted you today.  Please leave a comment if it did below.   I would also like to offer you our FREE E-Work Book on Attraction Marketing.  Download Below

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attraction marketing the Unstoppable way eBookAttraction_Marketing

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