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Do you have a BURNING question to ask us? Whether it’s about travel, business, mindset or lifestyle we’d love to hear from you!!

We figured it’s time for you all to get to know us better…so get ASKING and we will reply! No matter how big or small the question is, we’ll do our best to respond to them all. Perhaps you’d like advice on a destination we have traveled to, or you’d like some tips on travelling with children. Maybe you’d like some business tips, or you’d like to know what we pack in our suitcases?! It can be about anything!

There are a number of ways you can leave your question: you can post a question in the comments section at the bottom of this post, or on our Facebook Page. Alternatively you can send us a Tweet with your question to @unstoppablefam on Twitter.

Feel free to ask as many things as you like! We will respond to them all in a new post.

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  • Kaz

    Hey guys ~ have been collecting some questions.

    1. Debit Cards – do you use these? are they well excepted travelling for accommodation, car rental etc. I live a life with no credit cards … will I need one when I start my travels?

    2. Do you guys hire a car for the period of time you are in spot? or buy? or use public transport/taxi/drivers?

    3. How far in advance do you book your accommodations? And any tips for bartering a good price for the long term stays?

    4. If you had to pick one language to learn that has helped you the most so far, what would you say that is?

    Many thanks in advance and so looking forward to meeting up with you too somewhere sometime!!

  • Amanda

    Hey Swan Fam,

    What kept you motivated in the beginning of your journey? I have had challenges with motivation in getting started and not resisting. Any advice on resistance on actions that you know will make huge changes in your life?


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