Announcing our USA Road Trip and Mastermind Sessions!

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We have begun our epic USA Road Trip! We left Panama City Beach and stopped in Alabama followed by Nashville for the Country Music Awards! We are currently in Louisville, Kentucky, to see the Red Hot Chilli Peppers!

Jubril Agoro AKA “Mr. Think Outside the Box” and the Unstoppable Family’s Chief Marketing Advisor is traveling with us on the road. We will also be conducting Mastermind Sessions with people we work with and are inspired by. We will be looking to interview Frank Kern Marketing legend, Chris Guillebeau author of Art of Non Conformity and a few other top names in the business world and personal development world.

So be sure to check on the blog, because not only will we be sharing our adventures around the USA, we will also be posting Interviews that we record from our MasterMind Sessions.

Mastermind and Road Trip Route

Panama City Beach

In Panama City Beach we enjoyed time with Brian’s family and had our first Mastermind and interview with Linda Layman, Life Success Coach with Bob Proctor.


Next was Alabama where we visited family and friends. We interviewed Dr. David Bachman, chiropractor and entrepreneur.


We went to the Country Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee

Louisville,  Kentucky

We are currently in Louisville to see Red Hot Chilli Peppers!


We will hit the road and head North toward Michigan. We are still unsure if we will stop for a Mastermind along the way, so if you know of someone we should stop and see, let us know!!

In Michigan we will spend time with Rhonda’s parents and connect with Anne Noble from the Noble Duo on her plan to “Retire her Guy”


Chicago is home of Mr. Outside the Box, as well as Anthony and Amy Dalke, known as Dream Weaver Duo.

National Parks

We then head across the Northern USA and will be stopping at all the amazing National Parks, including Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, Canyonlands and Grand Canyon to name a few. Mastermind sessions to be decided.

San Diego

Once we hit California we will travel down the coast to San Diego to close off the tour and spend some time with some old friends who we used to hang out when we lived there.


August 5th we depart for our next Unstoppable Family journey to BALI, Indonesia. Hanalei will begin Kindergarten at the end of August at, so we are really excited to set up our home for the year in Bali once again.

Be sure to stay connected with the blog so you can see what goes on during our USA road trip and mastermind session interviews!

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  • Linda Layman

    Rhonda, it was so wonderful hanging out with you, Brian and Hanalei while you were in Panama City Beach! Thank you so much for the interview. The energy we generated while we were masterminding about mindset and things that block most people was absolutely amazing!

    I can’t wait to see the other mastermind interviews you will be doing along your USA tour.

    • brian

      Linda..It was great to start off our USA mastermind roadtrip with yourself and your great hubby, Randy! And to top it off…you guys can really dish up an incredible feast! We are blessed to have you part of our lives and look forward to many good times together around the globe!

      Love & Aloha….Rhonda, Brian & Hanalei

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