We are open for public speaking engagements focused on motivation and inspiration, and are willing to share our story with others to encourage them to live their dreams.  

Having quit the rat-race to become successful entrepreneurs in the personal development industry, we have made the transition from corporate jobs to long-term travellers. We departed San Diego on Nov 25th, 2008 and have been on an Endless Summer Journey around the world ever since, living a luxury traveling lifestyle. We have extensive experience in the direct sales industry and are among peak performers in the Network Marketing and personal development industry.

Our mission is to enjoy Life to the fullest and to be the example to individuals, couples and families that you can live  and travel wherever you want in this world while thriving financially, mentally, physically & spiritually. We have been put on this planet to show that people that they don’t have to work their fingers to the bone for years and save money to travel, then live on a budget until their money runs out…only to return back to the job they disliked in the first place.

If you would like us to speak at your event, please email unstoppablefamily@gmail.com

Rhonda public speaking

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

No Excuses Summit- Biggest Homes Business Event of the Year April 20th-22nd 2012

Previous Speaking Engagements

LifePath Unlimited’s Synergy VIII Event in Dallas, Janaury 20th-22nd 2012

LifePath Unlimited’s Synergy Event in Dallas August 26th-28th 2012

Main Stage International Trainer and Speaker for Liberty League International  06-09′