7 Tips on Creating Success in Your Life and Business

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Success Starts from Within by Rhonda Swan

Recently I read an Article by Dr. Maya Bailey on the inner game of success and every word I read connected with and thought I would share her concepts with everyone.

I first would like to ask. Why do most business owners fail to achieve their dreams and reach their financial goals? Is it a lack of motivation, a lack of drive or a lack of business know how? In my 8 years of coaching business owners to double and triple their incomes, I have found that none of the above is the reason they fail. Instead, it is the presence of self-limiting beliefs, many of which are hidden, that stop business owners in their tracks. When I am able to help them create a “success mindset”, then they are able to create success from the inside out. This article will show you how to do it.

Supermom Rhonda and Hanalei Swan in San Diego

Tip 1.

Build a strong foundation Many business owners and entrepreneurs have unknowingly been conditioned with anti-success beliefs that stop them from believing in themselves. This is analogous to trying to build a house without a strong foundation. Our mindset is our foundation and unless it is filled with empowered beliefs, we are blocked from reaching our goals.

Tip 2:

Identify and reprogram your self-limiting beliefs At every moment, we have choice, whether we are aware of it or not, of what we believe about ourselves. If we have been conditioned to believe of ourselves as “less than”, we subconsciously act from self-limiting beliefs. Here are some typical examples of actual self-limiting beliefs I have heard over the years: “Life is a struggle” “It’s selfish to want more money” “It’s not safe to toot my own horn” These beliefs stop us from succeeding. In order to uncover your own self-limiting beliefs…notice what you have created in your life. Are you making the income you want? Are you as energetic as you want to be? Are you living your full potential? Unless you answered “yes” to these questions, you are suffering from subconscious self-limiting beliefs that aren’t your fault, such as: “I’m not good enough” “I’m not smart enough” “I don’t have what it takes to succeed” “I can’t succeed in today’s economy” Do any of these sound familiar? We reprogram these beliefs by 1. Identifying which ones are holding us back. 2. Releasing the ones that don’t empower us. 3. Installing updated, Empowering Beliefs.

Tip 3:

Reverse your self-sabotaging strategies Many of us unknowingly fall victim to an internal saboteur. Though we have dreams, we sabotage them for our “own good” and the result is failure. For example, one of my recent clients realized that, even though she had a good business plan, she never fully implemented it because she had a self-limiting belief that told her “You’re not capable of succeeding.” Since our beliefs create our reality, she was creating a lack of success in her life until she learned to stop sabotaging herself. From the coaching, she learned to uncover the beliefs that were self-limiting, to release them and then install Empowering Beliefs, like: “I am fully capable of accomplishing my goals” “I support and encourage myself every step of the way” “I have unwavering faith in my ability to succeed.”

Tip 4:

Use your mind and emotions to create your empire Unfortunately many of us unconsciously focus on what we don’t want. When we focus on what we don’t want, the result is that we attract what we don’t want. Cultivating an attitude that focuses on positive outcomes, rather than self-defeating beliefs, is the core to succeeding in life and business. If you are facing a business slowdown, you may instinctively focus on your lack of clients, income or time. All too often, this only brings more of the same. Instead, ask yourself, what do I want? By focusing on positive outcomes, you are far more likely draw positive outcomes to you.

Tip 5:

Release your fears Most of our fears are not real. Too often, what we deem fear is really False Evidence Appearing Real (F.E.A.R.) Internal fears can be effectively negated. To create success from the inside out, use the STOP Technique. Notice whenever your mind goes into a fear thought, take a deep breath and replace your fear with an empowering thought such as “I have all I need to succeed” What positive new thoughts do you need to hear? Keep a journal and note how many times a day you use the STOP technique. You’ll know the technique is working because your mind will automatically begin to focus on the positive.

Tip 6:

Know your value In my coaching of business owners and entrepreneurs, I see how often people are unaware of the value they bring to the table. The mere fact that you are alive and here today means you have had some incredible experiences and people deserve to learn from you. You are valuable! Share it without holding back… Here are a couple of tips on finding your value: 1. Ask your satisfied clients what they enjoyed about working with you. 2. Do some reflection and ask your intuition what makes you stand out.

Tip 7:

When you give you deserve to receive. The biggest hang up many people that I work with go through is their deserving to receive. They feel that they are being selfish if they expect someone to pay for their knowledge therefore, creating a block with money around them. If you give of yourself and your value to others to benefit, then they expect to pay you and you deserve it. The moment you get through this barrier the sooner you will see the fruits of your labors shining through. I hope you enjoyed this article, if you would like to know more about how we take our minds and our lives to this level of understanding feel free to contact us directly. We have some incredible tools that will walk you through this wonderful journey of Building a Strong Inner Game.

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    Outstanding! Thanks for the motivational kick in the behind!

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      You got it Tim! Sometimes a little kick is all it takes!

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