23 year old “Kiwi” Kid Making $$ While Traveling Across Asia

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 I want to share with you their story..

because it is inspiring  to see such young kids knowing

exactly what they want out  of life and going for it.

They just moved to Vietnam to start their dream life.


Quitting my Job to live a life of freedom & abundance
was a lot harder than I realised.

I almost quit my dreams because things got so tough.

People see me travelling around the world
and living the life of my dreams now.

They see me smile every day because I don’t
have to go to work anymore.

They see me earning money while I sleep
and travel all over the world.

But it was only 18 months ago I was struggling
to live in the financial situation I was in.

It was only 18 months ago that I was so burnt out
my body shut down from the physical
and emotional stress of work and life.

It was only 18 months ago that I was so close
to quitting on everything I worked for.

I want to share with you THE BRUTAL truth
that took me to get where I am today.

I am going to share a few things that
completely altered my life for the better.

If I didn’t discover them I might of died
with my potential and dreams still inside of me.

Before I actually share the few things that
transformed my life I want to share just a lil
bit of my story with you so you can
understand me a lil better.

I am going to be sharing things with you
that are very personal to me.

I grew up worried about my image and what other people
thought of me, I still am naturally that way now but I have
come to realise the image is only the vision of my reality
through their eyes.

I wish I could tell you I was a macho guy
and took every obstacle without any concern.

The truth is I have gone to bed crying at times
without a clue of what to do while chasing my dreams.

When I was growing up I was right into Kung Fu
and other different forms of martial arts.

My heroes growing up were Bruce Lee,
Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Mohammed Ali, Tony Robbins,
Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, and the list goes on.

My Sifu (kung fu teacher) taught me that
martial arts is for self defence and self cultivation
and not for attacking people.

Not many people know this but I was bullied at school.

When no one was around I had someone
pick on me and give me a hard time,
threatening to beat me up.

He approached me one day in the passage way of the school
when no one was around and drove me into a corner.

He went to grab me so I swiftly spun around and grabbed him
by the throat.

I had him lifted up off the ground barely on his toes
and squeezed his throat just enough to make sure
he knew I was serious but without seriously injuring him.

I locked eyes and told him to leave me alone
and don’t ever come near me again.

I dropped him to the ground and walked away.

Since that day, I have never once had problems again.

I imbedded into myself a natural instinct
to react quickly and be aware of situations.

I had no intentions to fight or hurt anyone
I loved the training to better myself.

I learned so much discipline from kung fu along
with so many life lessons.

Mindset and discipline are everything in kung fu.

Let me share with you how my whole business
journey started.

I dropped out of school and decided not to
go to university as I didn’t know what to do.

So I started a plumbing apprenticeship.

My father, uncle, other uncle, and lots
of my fathers friends were plumbers.

So naturally I was encouraged to follow suit.

It was at this time I watched the movie “The Secret”

It gave me the drive to save up work hard
& long hours to buy into my first house.

I wanted to get ahead in life but was overwhelmed
at how physically and mentally tough
it was working 45+ hours a week at work.

Plus working until almost midnight every night
and weekend renovating this house.

One day I realised from the time I woke up 6am
until the time I went to bed 11:30pm.

The only time I sat down was driving to
and from work.

My body was breaking down under the
physical and mental pressure.

I was living week by week
and running out of money FAST.

Something had to change.

I believed in “The Secret” but it
wasn’t working for me.

So I picked up a book by Tim Ferris
“The Four Hour Work Week”

It resonated with my soul in ways I have
never felt before in my entire life.

I started to craft out my vision of how I
wanted life to be.

I wanted to inspire others and
become a success story myself.

I decided I wanted to be totally mobile
and have freedom to travel anywhere in the world.
I also decided I wanted to work around my schedule.

I wanted to be able to surf when I desired
and to be able to visit new places every month.

The best option for me, to earn income was start
an online business.

It just hit every every single angle I
desired for my lifestyle.

I had no experience at all with Internet marketing, etc…

I just said, “I will figure it out” and that’s when
the hardest days of my life started.

I wish I could tell you that it was an overnight success,
but I am going to give you the “raw truth” right now.

The Secret movie as much as it helped me with
possibilities, it didn’t tell me about all of the hard
work it truly takes to become successful.

I was a bit naive, and instead of working my butt off,
I would sit around and visualise and write down
my goals a little more than I should of.

In the first 12 months I had spent over $2000
online with $0 return.

I remember it was Valentines day.

I went to get my girlfriend some flowers
but as I was looking around the florist
I could not afford any of the flowers.

So I drove to a different shop and had
to look around for a cheap bunch of
flowers that still looked half decent.

That just tore me up inside as a man..

My heart just sank and said to myself, “What kind
of man can’t afford to buy his girlfriend a nice
bunch of flowers on Valentines day of all days.”


I am going to share 4 key principles that changed
my world forever…

1. The RIGHT Mentor

I went through years of struggling because I
had all the wrong information…

Then I met my mentor who truly cared about me.

My mentor knew what he was talking about so
everything changed so quickly.

The field that you are in I suggest you find mentor
you truly admire living exactly how you want.

I took my mentors advice and took
action on what he told me to do.

In 1 month I had a ticket booked to
Bali for my dream surf trip.

I handed in my notice to quit
my full time job.

And I blew my goals so far out of the water
I needed to make new goals.

My mentor saw more in me than I saw in myself.

It was not that I didn’t have the potential inside of
me the whole time. I just needed someone to
show me the ropes.

2. Fear

Before I was so scared of so many things in life.

I remembered what my sifu would tell me about fear.

He said, “Being scared is natural, but you have
to learn to control your fears.”

I remember telling everyone I was going to be
successful and people basically
started to mock me.

Inside not only would it light me on fire, it would
also create this nervous feeling.

I started to not even tell people my visions because
I didn’t want to face criticism.

With no results it was like these people had an
upper hand on me.

Then I started to realise a lot of the people judging
me were not even doing anything special with their lives.

I started to think who were they to judge me,
and that’s when I started not to value their
opinion much at all.

They were not brave enough to attempt their
dreams but had the nerve to judge.

I see fear cripple people with the potential to
change the world and it’s just sad.

I was almost one of them and that’s why it’s so
important to surround yourself with the right people.

3. Money Management

My mentor shared with me that to
get ahead in life I would have to stop
looking at “The Jones.”

He said, “The first 6 months of a business
journey no matter how much you make don’t
change your spending habits.”

He said, “Save for unexpected business
expenses, save for taxes, save for advertising
and save for business expansion creating a
foundation that is unbreakable.”

He said, “Leave that flashy stuff for now.
When you’re truly wealthy then by all
means go buy the best Mercedes money can buy.”

The good thing for me is that I am not really
into material objects. I value experiences
over material things.

I am out to build a legacy so buying things
to impress people ain’t my thing.

I don’t wear fancy watches or $5,000 suits
because it just ain’t my thing.

Where I do splurge though is on travel a bit…

We will pay more for a nicer hotel or
a fancy dinner or a flight to another island.

4. Hard Work

This RIGHT HERE I can’t state it enough.

This almost destroyed my whole life and
everything in it.

So many online businesses were promising
the world with very little work.

I have not met a single successful person
who did not bust their butt when
launching their business.

I don’t know why I believed I could just push a
button and everything would be ok.

The reality is when you start something with
no experience you are going to have to work
hard to develop new skills.

When your business is up and rocking yes
THEN you can put things in cruise control.

You do need to work your butt off at the start.

I am just sharing the things I know are
my truths because I want to save you
a lot of time and pain.

Well I know this post has been longer
than most things you have read on FB.

I had so much on my chest that I knew
I could help you if you were open to it.

If you want to find out exactly how I made
my Transformation in detail I invite you to
watch the video that has changed my life…


I take the time to read and reply to everyone
who sends me a message.

I never forget where I came from so I take
the time answer messages.

See you on the beaches of the world.

Peace & Love

Nathan & Hannah


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