Anthony Robbins & Frank Kern Exclusive Interview

For the first time in history, Tony Robbins sits down with Internet Mogul Frank Kern to dig deeply into the psyche of why some are successful, while others are not. Why did Frank ask to see Tony [...]


Characteristics of Wealth #4 [ Cash Flow Quadrants]

It took me longer to get this final video shot than I expected. After shooting the first 3 video’s and outlining the Characteristics of wealth all week, I wanted to really think about what [...]


Video #3 of Series ” Characteristics Of Wealth” [ Dealing With Haters & Failing Forward FAST]

The 3rd Characteristic of Wealth is having Thick Skin, Dealing With Haters and Failing Forward Fast”. There are 4 Characteristics That I will Be Exploring All Week  ( click the link to see [...]


Characteristics Of Wealth #2 & How To Attract More Into Your Life

Today was video #2 in the series ” Characteristics Of Wealth” & How To Attract More Into Your Life. There are 4 Characteristics That I will Be Exploring All Week #1 Creating [...]


Characteristics of Wealth #1 Honesty, Integrity and Keeping Your Promises

Happy Sew & Reap Saturday! Today Hanalei and I were talking about the word INTEGRITY, what it means in definition and what it means as a human to have integrity. I told her a story that I [...]


Why Blogging is Better Than Social Media?

Do you blog or Just Use Social Media?  You should…its become so easy to share your passions and your experiences with the world around you using keywords that people search for on the [...]