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A Fable About the Giant’s Garden Teaches Us We Have a Choice

Have you ever been around someone that is in a chronic bad mood? I’m talking more than just a day of getting up on the wrong side of the bed. I’ve got someone in my life right now that has had more than their share of grumpiness. It is really starting to affect our ability […]

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Unstoppable Success Tip: How Balanced Is Your 3 Legged Table?

How do you find the balance for your 3 legged table?   The elements in life that require the most balancing can be divided into two categories: internal and external. Oftentimes, people focus on one more than the other. For example, you may find that you focus on external things–like work, relationships, and activities, and […]

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Costa Rica surf trip ending with a Bus Crash…and new Life

I saw Death happening right before my eyes yesterday… Have you ever experienced such an event in your Life??? Let me share with you what transpired this past weekend from my surf trip to Costa Rica…. Our bus was traveling right behind this one you see in the pic to the left. As we were driving […]

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The Unstoppable Mastermind

I have been part of  mastermind groups for years, and have been hosting the “Unstoppable Mastermind”  for the last year.  In fact we just celebrated our 1 year anniversary of the Unstoppable Mastermind this last month in Orlando with 60 entrepreneurs from all over the world staying in 2 incredible mansions in Reunion Resort. Masterminds […]

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Freedom-Preneur Formula E- Book w/ a Twist

I don’t know if you have been following me on Facebook or not, but I have had some really exciting things happening over the last few weeks. First, Brian and I have been watching some of our ideas manifest. We are putting feet to the thoughts that have been laying at rest in our hearts. […]

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Letting Your Dream Manifest

Have you ever had a thought in your mind that you just couldn’t shake? Over time, that small thought becomes more. It takes on the shape of a dream. That is what has been going on for Brian and I. We have had a small thought in our minds that has started to unfold over […]

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Crush Stress & Overwhelm

Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you.~JOHN DE PAOLA Do you have so much on your plate that you’re left feeling overwhelmed and stressed out? What can you do to get back to a place of controlling ease and relaxation? In an age of fast paced lifestyles and heightened commercialism, everywhere […]

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Remembering Our Journey to Becoming Freedom-Preneurs

Do you ever have those days when you get all nostalgic? Memories of the past flood your mind and your heart is warm thinking about those steps of the journey. Thanks to #tbt and #flashbackfriday hashtags, we all get that opportunity every week to take a moment to reflect.   Yesterday was #tbt of course, […]

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Women Of Bliss in Nashville

Post by D Verrengia. We would love to meet you in Nashville for the first ever “Women of Bliss Event”.                 Connect with me on Facebook and let me know if I will be seeing you in Nashville Meet us in Nashville  

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What Makes Me a Weird Entrepreneur?

Recently I was asked to be a guest on the Weird Entrepreneurs podcast. What an honor it was for me to come onto the show and explain what makes me weird, or out of the ordinary when it comes to being an entrepreneur. Be sure to check out that interview hosted by Justin Verrengia. He […]

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