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Unstoppable Mastermind – Las Vegas 2015

We’re Day #2 into our sold out Unstoppable Mastermind here in Las Vegas with 74 of our closest Tribe members. Warning:  Only watch the Video below if you’re not offended by words such as… PIMP, Biotches, Ho’s….and anything associated to Vegas. As you can see from our P.I.M.P Video…. it’s our Funny way to introduce our “Challenge” to our Tribe. If you’ve read […]

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Freedom-Preneur: Religions From Around The World

We get to experience so many different cultures when we travel. One of the most amazing parts of a culture is the religion that inhabits the people. Understanding the way others believe brings new perspective to the scene. Here are some of the religions we have experienced in the areas where we have traveled. Many […]

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Difference Between a Freedom-Preneur and an Entrepreneur

Maybe you have been following our blog for a while and wondering if you can pursue your dreams and become a Freedom-preneur like us.   I assure you that this is a goal you can reach if you put your mind to it. We have made it our life goal to get away from being Entrepreneurs […]

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FreedomPreneur: Living A Life Of Freedom

So, what does living FREE really mean? Does it mean that you can stop earning money and skate by on your good looks for the rest of your life? No, of course not.   What it means to live free is to have the freedom to live the way you always dreamed.  speak the languageI’m […]

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No Comprendo – What to Do When You Don’t Speak the Language

  One of the most common travel struggles is the language barrier between countries. Use this mini-guide to navigate the waters, and watch your horizons broaden. Before You Go: 1. Do your research. Not all countries rely on only one language, and some are more used to foreign travelers than others. Spend a little time […]

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How To Make 2015 Your Best Year Yet

Are you growing a business this year? If so, you’ve probably read a lot of books and articles that will tell you how to reach more people. There are entire companies that say they have the answers of how you can get your business on the map. I want to tell you that there is […]

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Top 8 Subject Lines To Increase Email Open Rates

What’s the source? Well, it’s no big mystery. It’s simply that all editors and copywriters are veteran thieves. They all study, admire and copy each other’s work. Maybe that’s why they call it copywriting. #copycat The average Internet user is bombarded with dozens if not hundreds of email subject lines every day. Most of us have […]

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Kelly Slater surfing Bocas del Toro, Panama

  Kelly Slater surfing Bocas del Toro, Panama at a surf break called “Silverbacks” You absolutely know the surf is pumping where you live…when Kelly Slater, Sunny Garcia, & Taylor Steele show up to your Island. Welcome to Isla Colon aka Bocas del Toro, Panama….in the Caribbean Sea. Now this wave (know as “Silverbacks“) is actually located on the NW […]

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Freedom-Preneur: Countries With The Fastest Internet Speeds

There are many things to consider when you are thinking about where to travel. If you are a tech junkie, or do a lot of working remotely, then you might want to consider which countries have the fastest internet speeds.  As a freedom-preneur, reliable internet is pretty important to how we live our lives the […]

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5 Simples Ways To Keeping New Years Resolutions

Making New Year’s Resolutions has become quite of a bit cliche’, wouldn’t you agree? If making these resolutions only ends in failure and frustrations, then why even bother? I’m here to challenge you today to grab ahold of your dreams and make them a reality.  What better time to get started than today, January 1 […]

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